Is it time to downsize your property?

Moving from a larger property also presents potential opportunities for long-term savings through equity releases, allowing people to access built-up equity without selling their homes outright. For this reason, downsizing is often a popular option for the older community. With this type of arrangement, homeowners can use some of the capital they have accumulated in their homes over the years as additional funds for retirement or investments without having to worry about relocating elsewhere.

Alternatively, your current location may no longer meet your needs – maybe it’s too far from work or family members have moved out. Downsizing could be an ideal solution for you in finding something closer and less costly at the same time! 

But downsizing comes at the cost of available space, and you may find that you need to declutter your home to make the transition easier. This can be a daunting task, and you may find that it takes longer than expected to get your home ready for sale. 


Begin the downsizing process

It’s important to decide how much space you need and how much you are willing to sacrifice before taking the plunge into downsizing. Whether you’re looking for a smaller property, more affordable rent or mortgage payments, or the freedom of owning your own home without worrying about maintenance costs, downsizing can help you achieve many of these goals. 

Consider what items you want to keep for sentimental reasons, and which you want to keep as necessities. Then begin the process of downsizing by tackling one room at a time and deciding which items you want to keep, donate or sell. You can sell the things you are willing to part with on eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook marketplace. If you’re selling small, valuable items that are easy to post, eBay is a great option with low hassles, while Gumtree and Facebook are good for getting rid of unwanted furniture and large items. You may also want to consider hosting a garage sale or donating your belongings to charity. 

Packing for your downsize move

Once you have decided what items you are keeping, organise them into groups and plan how you will pack everything up. If you are moving to a smaller space, then it’s likely that some of your belongings won’t fit in the new place and you may have to store them elsewhere.

Consider renting a storage unit for bulky items or furniture that won’t fit in your new home, if you’re unwilling to part with it. Create an inventory list of all your belongings to keep track of everything you have and where it is stored. This will help you when unpacking at your new location. 

If you are looking for a reliable removal company to help you with your move, and storage needs.