ID mobile vs BT Mobile: Which provider is best for you?

When you’re choosing an internet option for your phone, making the right choice is a must. ID mobile and BT mobile both offer excellent options for someone looking to make the most of their phone’s potential and invest in the right options for the next few years of their mobile devices, increasing internet speeds and making your life more connected.

Making the right choice of the mobile network is an absolute necessity in the modern day. This means that you have a consistent internet connection no matter where you are and can stay in touch with your friends and family whenever you want. Find out which ID mobile or BT mobile are the better options for your choice of phone in the future, and what you should be looking for when picking a network.

What to look for in your mobile plan?

There are several things to consider when deciding between BT mobile and ID mobile, such as:

  1. Coverage: The proportion of the country that your internet connection will cover.
  2. Price point: The amount that you pay per month for the plan.
  3. Extras: Any additional benefits that the network offers you in exchange for being a customer.

Depending on what you value in a mobile plan, you might balance each of these factors
differently from someone else. Work out what you think is most important in a mobile plan and then work from that basis to find a mobile plan that works ideally for you, rather than a reviewer with entirely different needs.

Comparing your options

See how BT mobile matches up against ID mobile below:


ID mobile uses the same network as Three. This means that you have plenty of coverage, even in spite of the fact that ID mobile is a relatively small provider. At least 99.8% of the population gets their 3G coverage, with even faster 4G service available across the country for the majority of the company’s clients.

Similarly, BT is a part of the EE family. This means that BT has a huge offering of both 4G and 5G coverage, with a helpful tool that shows you exactly where you can expect a connection.

Price point

ID Mobile has a fairly average price point, offering relatively affordable handset and SIM-only deals. You have plenty of flexibility depending on what you need from a plan since you can pick and choose different features.

BT Mobile has relatively premium pricing. This is because the company pitches itself as something of a luxury option, offering high-end handsets and plenty of added extras to keep you interested.


One of the better options that ID Mobile has as an extra is the Data Cushion. This is a cushion of 10GB worth of data that you can use at any time in case of an emergency. You can also cap usage to avoid bills rising and there is inclusive roaming in 50 locations around the world.

BT Mobile offers a range of benefits, including Apple TV+, Apple Music, Netflix and more. This range of options typically comes as a free bonus on top of your original contract, with you choosing from the selection.

ID Mobile vs BT Mobile

In the question of ID Mobile vs BT Mobile, the choice is yours. For a more affordable option ID Mobile could be the ideal way forward, whereas BT Mobile’s link with EE means that you have access to a more premium experience.

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